WP_20150929_17_21_59_ProYess! I got my shipment of brewery goodies. Well – most of them. I ended up getting the Speidel Braumeister 20L electric kettle along with a Speidel plastic fermenter and a copper cooling coil from http://www.morebeer.com. This is a German system and it comes with European electrical system and plug. I pondered for few more days whether to rewire it and pull the appropriate power to my garage (which is going to be my brewing location) or to get a transformer. I talked to my dad who is an electrical engineer and also checked iWP_20150929_17_25_36_Pron with the vendor + considered the places I would want to use it. The consensus is that the best thing is to get it re-wired but I would like to be able to bring it to other locations and maybe even share the unit with some fellow minded brewing buddies so I went with a transformer in the end. I asked the vendor for advise and they recommended a 3,000W unit that I ordered from Amazon. I will share the details after verifying that it works well. So the last few pieces missing were the kegerator setup. I was looking at Craigslist for equipment and ended up with some ball-lock Corny kegs bought used from Soma Kombucha in St. Johns. They are switching to Sanke Kegs and were getting rid of about a hundred older cornies. I ended up getting the CO2 tank and kegerator kit from http://www.beveragefactory.com.  So now I think I am just about set to get my brew on. I just need a few final details and the ingredients for my first brew and eventually WP_20150929_17_30_22_Prothe fridge which I intend to get from my own kitchen after our remodel. I just need the kitchen deign to get finalized so I can get a new fridge and move the old one to the garage.

Other details I am looking for is a stainless steel table or workbench but that can come later. Now I need to BREW!!!


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